My name is Slavik Svyrydiuk. I’m freelance Python developer, security-aware Linux system administrator and DevOps engineer.

Here is the place where I put some of my notes. Most of them are still in the drafts folder and probably will remain there for a long time.

These notes exist here for the case that I break the crap I previously tinkered with, I’ll have some chance to fix it quicker.

The area of my interests includes(but not limited to):

I drink beer, run, work out, cycle around Brno, South Moravian region.


I use GnuPG. My public GPG key for sending me encrypted messages is bellow.

I can offer you a response in the following languages:

I understand Slovak and Polish as well.

Hire me

I am available to work as a freelance Linux and OpenBSD System Administrator, Python Developer and DevOps Engineer.

In addition, I would be happy to provide remote technical support for Linux/Cloud infrastructure. I have great deal of experience with Linux internet infrastructure and providing excellent technical support. I can provide support on any technical issues for web servers, databases, DNS, email, filesystems.

Just drop me an email

Also, you can hire me on Upwork.com

I will be happy to supply a Resume and References on request.